Qatari locals say it’s time for their issues to come to the fore too

Migrant workers situation in Qatar have gained attention from international media, labour rights have become a well told story from workers not being paid , long working hours , to death of migrants.

“It is all about labour rights, but what makes you think that Qataris have rights?” Ahmed*, a local Qatari citizen, asks angrily.

“People have been very vocal and continue to be on social media. It is their only platform, their only gateway,” says a local Qatari

Qataris have been brought up from a young age not to oppose the state, to be cowards, to keep quiet in exchange for a good material life

Women argue the tight-knit nature of the tiny Qatari society limits their ability to demand for reforms as “everyone knows everyone”. And there are only few who are brave enough to express their unhappiness.

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