Morocco to distribute surplus food to UK charity

Britain’s leading Charity aimed at tackling food poverty and waste, FareShare has struck an agreement with the Moroccan government to redistribute surplus food from Moroccan businesses trading in the country.

The deal was made with Morocco Foodex, which is Morocco’s food export board and will see surplus food from the North African country redistributed across FareShare’s network across Britain. Morocco is currently a growing exporter of fruit and vegetables to Britain, which has increased its reliance on Moroccan produce, post-Brexit.

The announcement also comes after Morocco Foodex’s three-month “From Morocco to UK” campaign, which aimed to promote the Kingdom’s food to British businesses and consumers. The initiative included a branded food truck travelling across the capital, delivering over 1,000 Moroccan taster meals to members of the public.



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Zachary Weaver

I am blessed with a funny gene that makes me enjoy life to the fullest. I love to travel, eat and jog. I write interesting topics in middle east and beyond