German experts raised their voices to ceased political Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood

Expert groups in Germany signs a petition to cease Political Islam and it was published by a German Welt newspaper. This document warns of an alleged radicalization process in Europe by extremist groups linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. According to experts the Islam is mistaking root in European Muslim communities, including Germany. The Political Islamism was pointed out to do such horrific attack on the Basilica of Notre-Dame de l’Assomption in Nice, where a pensioner was stabbed in the throat while visiting the basilica shouting “Allahu Akbar”, not only proved once again that Political Islam is deadly, but it is taking root in European Muslim communities. Even though, French radicalization has not yet been reached in Germany, it still shows signs of alarm because the agitation and anti-Semitic attacks come not only from the radical right but also from Islamist circles. Many young men and women have joined in moved to Syria and Iraq in recent years to join a barbaric regime of terror. Numerous people have been killed or seriously injured in terrorist attacks. The most recent was the Islamist murder in Dresden by a rejected Syrian asylum seeker and in the summer of an Islamist who preyed on motorcyclists in Berlin.