The Suez Canal Authority (SCA) is currently working to reduce the rising pollution rates and confront climate change.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi discussed with Rabie the SCA’s efforts to assume its international environmental responsibility, in addition to its decision to give incentives to transiting ships’ operators that follow environmentally friendly standards that contribute to reducing carbon emissions.

Egypt has in recent years increased its green projects. On Jan. 10, the Egyptian Ministry of Planning and Economic Development announced an increase in the share of green projects to 30% of the state investment plan, and a 50% share in 2024–25.

Britain’s leading Charity aimed at tackling food poverty and waste, FareShare has struck an agreement with the Moroccan government to redistribute surplus food from Moroccan businesses trading in the country.

The deal was made with Morocco Foodex, which is Morocco’s food export board and will see surplus food from the North African country redistributed across FareShare’s network across Britain. Morocco is currently a growing exporter of fruit and vegetables to Britain, which has increased its reliance on Moroccan produce, post-Brexit.

The announcement also comes after Morocco Foodex’s three-month “From Morocco to UK” campaign, which aimed to promote the Kingdom’s food to British businesses and consumers. The initiative included a branded food truck travelling across the capital, delivering over 1,000 Moroccan taster meals to members of the public.

President Joe Biden says the US is considering restoring its designation of Yemen’s Houthis as a terrorist group.

The Houthis, a militia group that now controls much of Yemen, claimed responsibility for the recent attack that killed three people, which Emiratis say used both missiles and drones, and started fires at a fuel depot and international airport.

The Houthis have used drones and missiles to attack Saudi Arabia and oil targets in the Arabian Gulf over the course of Yemen’s war.

Biden officially delisted the Houthi militia as a “foreign terrorist organization,” a designation put in place by his predecessor, Donald Trump.

The Arabic hashtag ‘Leave Sisi’ continues to trend on Twitter with Egyptians using the social networking platform to call on Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to stand down.

Leave Sisi started trending last week after President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi said he was willing to hold annual presidential elections and leave his position if that was what Egyptians wanted.

Speaking at the World Youth Forum in Sharm Al-Sheikh Sisi responded to a question by a journalist on human rights violations in Egypt by saying figures quoted on the crisis abroad are inaccurate and not given in context.

Oman recorded more than 2,000 new infections of COVID-19 between Thursday, 13 January, and Saturday, 15 January. During this period, three more people also died from the disease.

Since the start of the pandemic in Oman, 312,425 people have tested positive for COVID-19, of whom 302,178 have recovered. 4,122 people have succumbed to the disease.

People are also advised to complete their vaccination courses as soon as they are able. Those who can are also requested to get their booster doses.

Doctors from the Royal Hospital in Muscat Governorate have discovered a new genetic disease, a new genetic disease similar to cystic fibrosis by identifying a new gene called ‘AGR2’ that was not previously described as a cause of any disease

Dr. Sumaya bint Juma Al Araimi said:``This discovery is a scientific achievement to identify the cause of a completely new genetic disease in the world and documented for the first time in a prestigious scientific journal, which facilitates the diagnosis and treatment of similar rare diseases. There are four cases that have already been diagnosed in the Sultanate of Oman during the research period.

Dr. Khawla bint Said Al Shidhani clarifies that there is currently no completely curative treatment for this disease, and the proposed treatments alleviate the disease and slow down its complications, which are pulmonary fibrosis

The UN Security Council unanimously condemned the Houthi seizure and detention of a cargo ship.

In a statement drafted by the UK, the UN’s most powerful body demanded the immediate release of the vessel and its crew, urging the Houthis to ensure the crew’s wellbeing and safety until their release.

The taking of the Rwabee marked the latest assault in the Red Sea, a crucial route for international trade and energy shipments and an an act of “armed piracy”.

UN humanitarians on Thursday condemned increasing violence and the slaying of an aid worker in al-Hol, the largest camp for displaced people and refugees in Syria.

The camp in northeast Syria “continues to see a significant decline in the rule of law and increased violence among residents, with a range of appalling attacks reported.

The camp is the largest for refugees and internally displaced people in Syria, with around 56,000 people, over half of whom are under 18.

World powers have voiced fear that election delays, as well as the ongoing feud between Farmajo and Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble, could set off new troubles for a country that has lacked stable governance for three decades.

On Wednesday, the United States on Wednesday brandished the threat of sanctions if troubled Somalia misses its latest deadline for elections.

“We call on all of Somalia’s national and federal member state leaders to adhere to the newly agreed timeline and correct the procedural irregularities.”, says US Department of State Spokesperson

US says will draw visa restrictions to respond to further delays in Somalia’s elections

The UN on Tuesday expressed “great concern” over allegations that the ports of the Yemeni city of Hodeidah are being used for warfare by the Houthi militia, as the UN Mission to support the Hodeidah Agreement demanded access for inspection.

UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric expressed concern over the renewed fighting in Yemen, which “can only have a negative impact on the already extremely dire humanitarian situation” in the country.

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